U.S. Airline Industry Museum Foundation

us-airline-industry-museum-doundationMaine Coast Airways Inc. is promoting memberships in the U.S. Airline Industry Museum Foundation. A branch of this museum is now located at Starliner Base in Auburn, Maine. This museum is non-profit and may recieve tax deductible donations. The museum is dedicated exclusively to the airline industry, unlike most other air museums that are more interested in war birds and other military airplanes.

The museum has room to park many large airliners and can accept airliners on loan or as donations. Any airliners scheduled to be scrapped can be salvaged at museum locations by qualified A&P mechanics with the valuable parts returned to the owners. The remaining airframes will remain on display at the museum.

Maine is a very popular tourist area in the summer. A large percentage of the visitors that come to see the Starliners in Maine and the one in Florida are from Europe. Locally there are many school groups and clubs that request tours through the airplanes. With expansion of the Airline Museum at the Auburn location, we expect to become a major State of Maine attraction, drawing visitors from all over the U.S., eastern Canada and more Europeans. It will become a great aviation educational opportunity for the younger generation in the local area.

Starliner Base, Auburn, was built as an “air terminal style” home on ten acres of land in 1984. The kitchen and dining area are located in a 30 foot by 30 foot tower. The view from the tower is 360 degrees including the airport, neighborhood and Mount Washington sixty miles to the west in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The house is just over 750 feet from the approach end of runway 22 at the Auburn-Lewiston Municipal Airport, with a taxiway leading to the runway. The airport has two runways, lights and an ILS system. There is no control tower but there is Unicom and ATC radar for IFR flights through Portland Approach Control. The house is located just one and a half miles from exit seventy-five on the Maine Turnpike (I-95). It is a half hour drive to the Portland Jetport, two and a half hours drive to Boston and six hours drive to New York City.

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