The Starliner Story

lockheed-1949a-super-constellation-starlinerThere are three Lockheed 1649A Super Constellation Starliners left in the United States that can still be restored to flying condition. The restoration process is now going on full time, with a projection of at least one of the Starliners being back in service soon.

The two Starliners in Maine were originally owned by TWA in 1957, and flew passengers on their “Jetstream” service all over the world. The one on display, at “Fantasy of Flight” in Polk City, Florida, was originally owned by Lufthansa Airlines in 1957. Lufthansa called this model a “Super Star” and flew passengers on their “Senator” class service from Germany to New York and other places around the world. This same Lufthansa “Super Star” was leased to the government of West Germany and was used as their “Air Force One”. It transported Chancellor Konrad Adenauer to the U.S. and on to Japan for the first German head of state visit to that country. The “Super Star” then flew the Chancellor back to Germany over the North Pole stopping in Anchorage, Alaska for fuel. This same “Super Star” landed at “Fantasy of Flight” October 19, 2001 and will remain on display there for the next few years.

These three Super Constellation Starliners were owned and leased by dozens of additional operators over the years, including Alaska Airlines and others in Alaska. They were flown throughout the U.S., Europe and South America. Their history could fill volumes.

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