The Lockheed 1649A Super Constellation Starliners

starlinerOf the 856 Lockheed Constellations produced in the 1940s and 1950s, very few still exist today. These survivors are revered as classics in the aviation world. They have become very popular at airshows and are featured in many books and magazines worldwide. Aviation enthusiasts from all over the world, come to Auburn, Maine to see and experience first hand two of the remaining L1649A Super Constellation Starliners that are parked here. Everyone who visits the Starliners would love to see these graceful, historic airliners back in flying service again. A third Starliner, formally a Lufthansa “Super Star”, is one of the main attractions at “Fantasy of Flight” in Polk City, Florida, near Lakeland, twenty minutes west of Disney World on interstate 4. Maine Coast Airways flew that Starliner to Fantasy of Flight on October 19, 2001. It is on loan to Fantasy of Flight for five years, as part of their attraction.

Maine Coast Airways Inc., has started work on N7316C, one of the Starliners in Maine. We plan to get this one operational and FAA certified for flight. The other two Starliners may become operational in time.

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